First Sunday: Two Stops!

The first Sunday after Christmas which happened to have been New Years Day 2012, I was fully present and in good form at The Riverside Church, a Harlem, USA must see and experience.  The architecture is spiritually moving if you miss the service, anytime is the right time to visit.  As in usual visits, after service the lovely churchgoers are always warm, cuddly & cordial, wearing smiles and ready to converse about anything that comes to mind.  It’s a must see, this blog & my writing will not  do this landmark justice, see for yourself and enjoy the complimentary after service coffee.  Nice send off for the week.

Devinez quel numéro deux est? As if The Riverside Church wasn’t enough,  I hopped in the hoopdee and wheeled downtown seeking out the Rubin Museum to find myself at, New York, what?  Yes, it is a Buddhism Culture Center. Huh!  Brace yourselves, I experienced the best new experience of the year “OPEN CHANTING,” OMG.  This was the most wonderful feeling ever,  the feeling of  suddenly being transported to another continent, another world, life, and more importantly it brought my less the stellar attempts at meditation full circle.  What a way to begin 2012.  All I’m left with is , “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo!”


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