Times Do Change: St. Francis of Assissi’s Epiphany Celebration

St. Francis of Assisi in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey celebrated the wise men:  Gaspar, Melchior & Balthasar with the excited congregation participation to include storytelling in the lower level of the church.  Though the Mass was in Spanish, the presentation was in English with wonderful questions from precocious children.  My favorite question from a young child directed to Balthsar was, “Are you from the yellow country?”  The children were also curious about the purpose of gold, frankincense, and myrrh and its relation to the story of the Christ child on Epiphany; the presentation of the baby Christ.  The 3 wise Kings dramatically attired answered questions in their own tongues created by the actors, which contributed to the interesting storytelling,  which evoked mostly laughter from parents.  With the official close of the 2011 holiday season today, it’s a wonder Christmas was only 12 days ago and the eastern seaboard is experiencing its warmest weather in years, times are changing.


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