Oops, I did it again!

Mass Happened!  Today parishioners around the globe were giving thanks and praise to a higher power whilst I barreled through northern New Jersey lost seeking St. Philip The Apostle of  Saddle Brook, New Jersey.  Where, you might ask?  Here’s the link: www.stphilipsb.org.  So what contribution can I make on behalf of  St. Philip The Apostle to those of you wondering why I’ve found myself at another church on Sunday and later than the usual.  Let me explain, at the moment the Golden Globes are on air, Reece Witherspoon just exited the stage and now Sidney Poitier is regally speaking of his friend Morgan Freeman, an honoree.   In other words, I have a legitimate excuse for this lousy blog/distraction.  I arrived and prayed, made my presence felt since everyone exiting  glanced at my patience in waiting at the exit to enter as they headed to brunch, I had just begun the day at 1:30 p.m.  The church is the only reason we are here.  My sense of this church is that most parishioners are family oriented,  friendly and perhaps at least three generations deep in attendance.  Like a small town church in the middle Iowa this eastern seaboard establishment has a small town sensibility.  The church’s music ministry has a rockin’ band that rehearsed a few bars after service and to my liking.   It’s a yes, they are a rockin’ young band.  Well, visit yourself and fill in the blanks.  Since missing the messengers performance today,  prayer was a wonderful option.   In it I thanked my mom and siblings for existing and all the folks that have supported my life, and of course the Hollywood Foreign Press for allowing me to attend in a pink full length fluffy terry cloth robe.

Bonne nuit Jean Dujardin.

Have a wonderful week.


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