Third Sunday: On Time.

Today marks the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Some of you understand while others should.  Rapidly progressing through the first month of 2012,  there are four things I’ve done consistently reasonably well : 1). Eat, 2);  Sleep 3); Pee-pee and; 4). Sunday Worship.  The latter is what this is about, Sunday Worship at different Places of Worship, with Holy Trinity Parish of Ft. Lee, New Jersey being today’s choice.

No hoopla or fanfare, this was worship at it’s best.  Parishioners were seemingly local folks, to include all races and ages, diversity while in worship gives the impression that the world is a fair and good place, even in these times of UNREAL Reality TV.   Though this was my third visit to this Parish, it’s the first in many years and perhaps the only time I will visit in 2012.  The building itself is small with a quaint interior reminiscent of a Canton, Mississippi church Aunt Mamie had us visit while on holiday attending a family reunion at least twenty years ago.  With an oversized oil on canvas Jesus staring me down from the right altar and holy water strategically posted, I was in extreme comfort with The Lords Prayer.

What I learned today during service is that this weekend marked the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.  As a childless woman, by chance and choice, it is in my interest to support the preservation of life, adoption is the suggested alternative in these times.  Though I lack the knowledge of biological moms of the world and view motherhood as an honor and priviliege bestowed upon those who have, I also have compassion for those whom, for whatever reason under the circumstances presented at that moment,  had to choose another route in this lifetime on earth.

Thoughts in closing.  As I visit numerous places of worship it is in my interest to take away a message either in sermon or through my personal impression of the institution.  Each Sunday, wherever I might be, it is unimaginable what the take away message might be, but for sure there is always a great message to get us through the joyous days until the next Sunday.  Press your luck with finding a positvie message to suit the week ahead, there is a message for all of us even if takes until Monday to figure it out, it’s never too late… .

Go Giants!


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