Live at Presbyterian!

First Presbyterian Church, West Palisade Ave in Englewood, New JerseyMEMORABLE MUSIC MAKING First Presbyterian Church in Englewood, NJ is a physically impressive site upon appraoch. It’s nicely situated on the hilly part of East Palisade Avenue.  After years of passing this struture, finally  I set foot upon the attractively  manicured grounds,  that are more so becoming upon the approach of the spring and summer months.  In staying true to the blog I was quite intimidated by the presence of this church in the years as a passerby until January 29, 2012!

Upon entering the dwelling,  it’s easy to find yourself  lost amongst the maze-like interior which is made up of several seemingly connected buildings, and for a first visit it is was feeling intelectualy curious about the place (huh?).   Many doors, turns, rooms, tapestries, events, people moving about for a  Sunday evening,  not the ususal Sunday Morning service where you’d expect activity,  not being imaginative here.   Let’s call this one a  community within a community.   Tardily merging into the 5:30 p.m. Crossroads Contemporary Worship, couldn’t help but notice the staple cookies & coffee at the back of the room, where I’m usually most comfortable unless it’s St. Paul’s Church of Englewood, where you can’t hide.   With due respect, I had entered the site of a mini-concert!   In attendance  were the most diverse group of folks you’d like to see everywhere you go.  The feeling of anticipation and abundance was the air, and thick air.  It begged the question, what in the hell goes on during the regular morning service if at night you have a down right talented contemporary musicians praising his grace with pop tunes that if you intently listened, were songs I’d heard on 107.5 WBLS.

On that note, a return visit is in order just to tour the the facility in its entirety,  inquiring minds (moi) want to know “what’s around all those corners and down those stairs?  There is a whole lot more to ENJOY at First Presebyterian Church of Englewood, New Jersey!



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