Dearest Ms. Houston:

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ON THIS DAY I’m proud to pay tribute to your beautifully tremendous life, oh what a home going celebration it’ll be tomorrow, all of your brothers and sisters, friends and family, your baby Bobbi Kristina & mommy Ms. Cissy Houston are preparing to celebrate your life.

As I visited your church,  New Hope Baptist, I couldn’t help but notice the  TV media satellite trucks preparing to send this broadcast around the globe in genuine Whitney Houston style, go big then go home!  Your humble presence was prevalent.

Cissy knew her baby well, rose to the occassion even under the most adverse of circumstances, and planned without the media in mind.  Oh Nippy, your mom understood the real Whitney Houston none of wanted to see go, but she knew something before now.

When you sang with Faith Thursday night  “Yes, Jesus Loves Me… , ” what were you thinking?  How did you know?

As I lined up to post a note and place a single rose at the site of your fans memorial I was struck by it all, I didn’t want to speak with the media either, for what good reason?    Afterall, you came, you saw, you conquered, you loved and you left us with beautiful memories and the songs of your life.  Though we must say so long for now and do understand that Jesus Loves You Whitney Houston, we look forward to seeing you in heaven.

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can no more hurt, only more love.”  Mother Teresa

Hugs & Kisses.


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