Green Bagels & The Godfather of Soul?

James Brown, February 1973, Musikhalle, Hamburg
James Brown, February 1973, Musikhalle, Hamburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though they might sound odd together, green bagels and James Brown were a winning pair at Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Tenafly, New Jersey.  A community young, my age (?) and the old filled Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day 10:00 a.m. mass [March 18, 2012].  With the youth choir performing church standards it was the after mass improvisational that offered bagels and the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.   I witnessed.While sipping coffee and nibbling on green bagels the sounds of James Brown piped through, it struck me as odd that James Brown was being heard by all of us.  While I love the Godfather of Soul,  it would be equally odd to walk into my home to hear the likes of Guns N Roses or even Neil Diamond for that matter,  these artists are not on my playlist.

Anything goes everywhere.  We are such a wonderfully eclectic world that no matter where we go or what we do everything goes everywhere, and I for one absolutely enjoyed hearing James Brown’s voice while in a church.  Perhaps next week I get to hear something from Madonna’s catalog, let’s hope it’s appropriate for the after mass event.

Spring is upon.  If you’d like to worship at OLMC, try the website at or visit them at 10 County Road in Tenafly, New Jersey for the mass schedule and events.




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