Facts For Allergy Sufferers

Mast cells are involved in allergy. Allergies ...
Mast cells are involved in allergy. Allergies such as pollen allergy are related to the antibody known as IgE. Like other antibodies, each IgE antibody is specific; one acts against oak pollen, another against ragweed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stress ails us.  Did you know that stress can trigger a a plethora of allergies immediately affecting your performance. De-stressing is a cure all.

What about antihistamines and your allergies.  Antihistamines offer a temporary cure for allergies eventually tolerance levels change, which is a good reason to intermittenly switch over-the-counter allergy medication.

Does your mom or dad have allergies, perhaps your twin sister?  Studies show that it is possible you’ve inherited those ragweed allergies.   Closely examine your family members since there are many inherited  ailments, perhaps  you’ve inherited the condition. Yikes!

Arizona is not the answer!  Have you ever heard someone say, “Might have to relocate to Arizona….”.  Nope, a dry climate is not the answer to eliminating allergies.  Though if more economical real estate is what you seek perhaps Arizona is worth checking, go  Southwest!

Gone to the dogs.  Shedding, non-shedding all dogs are a trigger for individuals with dog allergies.  There isn’t a specific breed that’s clear of triggers.


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