Holy Trinity Church of Hackensack

As we approach the end of July 2012, my absence from blogging concerns me,  what is the goal?  A defective attention span supports my current state of existence, it’s alright with me while others may beg to differ (smile).  Let’s defend me and the blog, the blog is intended to track my church or religious attendance, exposure to others and commitment to religion.  Though traversing the … Continue reading Holy Trinity Church of Hackensack


  How do we walk the walk each day?  Today’s sermon at Christ Church, Georgetown in Washington, D.C. was  presented by guest Preacher,  the Reverend Randall Haycock.  He spoke of meeting a prostitute who had been laid off by her pimp of ten years, and the devastation that ensued lead her to his parish and their “friendship.”  These are our times and without Faith, where would we … Continue reading WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT

Green Bagels & The Godfather of Soul?

Though they might sound odd together, green bagels and James Brown were a winning pair at Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Tenafly, New Jersey.  A community young, my age (?) and the old filled Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day 10:00 a.m. mass [March 18, 2012].  With the youth choir performing church standards it was the after mass improvisational that offered bagels and the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.   I witnessed.While sipping coffee and nibbling on green bagels … Continue reading Green Bagels & The Godfather of Soul?

Hoboken, Home to Baseball, Dry cleaners & Houses of Worship

ONE SQUARE MILE is not exactly expansive for a whole town, but in these parts it’s seemingly the going square footage for like-minded towns along Hudson & Bergen Counties Gold Coast.  More interesting is that in my exaggeration there are perhaps one dry cleaners per 100 residents and one church all the same.  Have you counted anything lately?  Have you seen Super Star Super Bowl Quarterback Eli Manning strolling about?  Try again.  Have … Continue reading Hoboken, Home to Baseball, Dry cleaners & Houses of Worship

Live at Presbyterian!

MEMORABLE MUSIC MAKING First Presbyterian Church in Englewood, NJ is a physically impressive site upon appraoch. It’s nicely situated on the hilly part of East Palisade Avenue.  After years of passing this struture, finally  I set foot upon the attractively  manicured grounds,  that are more so becoming upon the approach of the spring and summer months.  In staying true to the blog I was quite intimidated by the … Continue reading Live at Presbyterian!

Third Sunday: On Time.

Today marks the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Some of you understand while others should.  Rapidly progressing through the first month of 2012,  there are four things I’ve done consistently reasonably well : 1). Eat, 2);  Sleep 3); Pee-pee and; 4). Sunday Worship.  The latter is what this is about, Sunday Worship at different Places of Worship, with Holy Trinity Parish of Ft. Lee, New Jersey being today’s choice. No hoopla … Continue reading Third Sunday: On Time.

Oops, I did it again!

Mass Happened!  Today parishioners around the globe were giving thanks and praise to a higher power whilst I barreled through northern New Jersey lost seeking St. Philip The Apostle of  Saddle Brook, New Jersey.  Where, you might ask?  Here’s the link: http://www.stphilipsb.org.  So what contribution can I make on behalf of  St. Philip The Apostle to those of you wondering why I’ve found myself at … Continue reading Oops, I did it again!

Times Do Change: St. Francis of Assissi’s Epiphany Celebration

St. Francis of Assisi in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey celebrated the wise men:  Gaspar, Melchior & Balthasar with the excited congregation participation to include storytelling in the lower level of the church.  Though the Mass was in Spanish, the presentation was in English with wonderful questions from precocious children.  My favorite question from a young child directed to Balthsar was, “Are you from the yellow country?”  The children were also … Continue reading Times Do Change: St. Francis of Assissi’s Epiphany Celebration

First Sunday: Two Stops!

The first Sunday after Christmas which happened to have been New Years Day 2012, I was fully present and in good form at The Riverside Church, a Harlem, USA must see and experience.  The architecture is spiritually moving if you miss the service, anytime is the right time to visit.  As in usual visits, after service the lovely churchgoers are always warm, cuddly & cordial, wearing smiles and ready to converse … Continue reading First Sunday: Two Stops!