Facts For Allergy Sufferers

Stress ails us.  Did you know that stress can trigger a a plethora of allergies immediately affecting your performance. De-stressing is a cure all. What about antihistamines and your allergies.  Antihistamines offer a temporary cure for allergies eventually tolerance levels change, which is a good reason to intermittenly switch over-the-counter allergy medication. Does your mom or dad have allergies, perhaps your twin sister?  Studies show that it is possible you’ve inherited those ragweed allergies.   Closely … Continue reading Facts For Allergy Sufferers

Hoboken, Home to Baseball, Dry cleaners & Houses of Worship

ONE SQUARE MILE is not exactly expansive for a whole town, but in these parts it’s seemingly the going square footage for like-minded towns along Hudson & Bergen Counties Gold Coast.  More interesting is that in my exaggeration there are perhaps one dry cleaners per 100 residents and one church all the same.  Have you counted anything lately?  Have you seen Super Star Super Bowl Quarterback Eli Manning strolling about?  Try again.  Have … Continue reading Hoboken, Home to Baseball, Dry cleaners & Houses of Worship

Start Your Engines, Ferrari Celebrate’s 50th Anniversary of 250 GTO

Let’s Go!  The value of Ferrari is like the current state of my body weight upon awakening each morning,  the number is always up!  Fat aside, there will be 12 GTO’s on display at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance this weekend and guess what the total value of these twelve vehicles is hitting?  Much higher than that my friend. On display a whopping $360 million dollars in value for … Continue reading Start Your Engines, Ferrari Celebrate’s 50th Anniversary of 250 GTO

Dearest Ms. Houston:

Image via Wikipedia ON THIS DAY I’m proud to pay tribute to your beautifully tremendous life, oh what a home going celebration it’ll be tomorrow, all of your brothers and sisters, friends and family, your baby Bobbi Kristina & mommy Ms. Cissy Houston are preparing to celebrate your life. As I visited your church,  New Hope Baptist, I couldn’t help but notice the  TV media satellite … Continue reading Dearest Ms. Houston:

New Year + New You = New Life!

Happy New Year To All.  2012 should be exciting, a year to reconstruct your life not deconstruct!  The reinvention of YOU will be  exciting not compared to the you of yesteryear.  Take small steps, make very little effort, just know that you are progressing in a better or perhaps different direction. Know that shock therapy doesn’t always work, small increments in change may prove  lasting.   BE A BETTER YOU.  Smarten your career.  Sharpen your appearance.  … Continue reading New Year + New You = New Life!

FAILURE according to Wikipedia!

Since I’ve failed at so many things in this life, today I decided to examine failure through others eyes, not thine own, to ensure that I have failed time and again!  Take a gander at what they had to say, the success & failure of failing! Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of … Continue reading FAILURE according to Wikipedia!

The Skirts have arrived…!

With faces reflecting a variety of shades and hues and from backgrounds that come from diverse walks of life, today’s women wear their skirts well. In their briefcases you’ll find a plethora of educational degrees: B.A., B.S., M.B.A, J.D., or even a Ph.D. Oh, and you will also find the lipstick. Women account for 3% of Fortune 500 CEO’s, which might sound like a sliver … Continue reading The Skirts have arrived…!