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Mille Miglia Ferrari Salute 2012, What a Rally!

This video is awesome, just listen to the sounds of the Prancing Horses engine cruise at just 20 mph, it’s an unmatched sound-like no other.  The classics seemingly offer better music to your ears than the later models, perhaps, age before beauty?.  Still, newer or classic model, this has to be one of the finest machines produced. Here’s to the Ferrari Salute at Mille Miglia … Continue reading Mille Miglia Ferrari Salute 2012, What a Rally!

Students from Cali & Mass win DOE’s 24th Science Bowl

This release announces the winners of the 24th National Science Bowl. Washington D.C. – Students from Mira Loma High School from Sacramento, Calif. won the 2014 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Science Bowl today in Washington, D.C. This year’s championship team in the middle school competition is the Greater Boston Science & Math Team from Andover, Mass. “I congratulate this year’s National Science Bowl … Continue reading Students from Cali & Mass win DOE’s 24th Science Bowl

Vroom, Contemplate, Vroom.

  Machine Learning (journal) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Sequential Decision Making By Todd Bierman.  In one tiny phrase, the key to better machine driven cars – in fact, to any task oriented pursuit including scientific research – is within reach. Google has announced the creation of an algorithm that successfully negotiates common video games by learning to better execute sequential decisions that lead to success. Some … Continue reading Vroom, Contemplate, Vroom.

Holy Trinity Church of Hackensack

As we approach the end of July 2012, my absence from blogging concerns me,  what is the goal?  A defective attention span supports my current state of existence, it’s alright with me while others may beg to differ (smile).  Let’s defend me and the blog, the blog is intended to track my church or religious attendance, exposure to others and commitment to religion.  Though traversing the … Continue reading Holy Trinity Church of Hackensack

Facts For Allergy Sufferers

Stress ails us.  Did you know that stress can trigger a a plethora of allergies immediately affecting your performance. De-stressing is a cure all. What about antihistamines and your allergies.  Antihistamines offer a temporary cure for allergies eventually tolerance levels change, which is a good reason to intermittenly switch over-the-counter allergy medication. Does your mom or dad have allergies, perhaps your twin sister?  Studies show that it is possible you’ve inherited those ragweed allergies.   Closely … Continue reading Facts For Allergy Sufferers

Strauss-Kahn’s Situation: The Universe Reacts

The name Dominique Strauss-Kahn conjures up power, what a name to behold. And oh, he happens to be rich, French and charismatic [duh].  Handsome with all those beautiful silver-grey locks and black eyebrows to match a freshly scrubbed face-I’m sure his well manicured nails attached to his soft hands, are white as rice and properly trimmed too.  As a matter of fact, I find him to be light years … Continue reading Strauss-Kahn’s Situation: The Universe Reacts


  How do we walk the walk each day?  Today’s sermon at Christ Church, Georgetown in Washington, D.C. was  presented by guest Preacher,  the Reverend Randall Haycock.  He spoke of meeting a prostitute who had been laid off by her pimp of ten years, and the devastation that ensued lead her to his parish and their “friendship.”  These are our times and without Faith, where would we … Continue reading WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT